Successful treatment of dropsy for betta fish

I have decided to write this blog for anyone who has a betta fish that comes down with dropsy.

My two year old betta, little Bob, has had severe dropsy symptoms for weeks now. I have meticulously searched the internet for a cure or treatment and nothing I tried actually made any difference. Every blog or web page I read said nothing more than dropsy being fatal.

Well I beg to differ. Last Thursday I bought a tablet called “water life water conditioner” and is available in Australia. It cost me $1 and after 12 hours the swelling in his stomach had improved significantly.

I took him out of his usual tank and put him into a 2 litre bowl. With the following preparation:

Dissolve half a waterlife o water conditioner tablet, 3/4 a tablespoon of epsom salts and the relevant dose of water conditioner and I put it into the small bowl/tank with a heater on approx 25 degrees celcius. I then put him in a dark space for 12 hours. In the morning I transferred him back into his 13 litre tank which had just water conditioner in it, a heater and a plant. Then I repeated the process over the next 3 days. I also put no rocks or ornaments in the tank. I took him off a protein diet and onto balanced peas and chick peas as they are high in fibre. I only fed him tiny pieces at a time so he could digest them properly.

So now after day 3 of this treatment he is much happier, his swelling is still there but down at least half and he looks like he does in the main picture. I’m going to leave it a week and repeat if he is not continuing to get better.

Give this a try rather than euthanising them like I have read way too many times. I had considered it as I was worried about what I was reading and worried he was in pain. Now I am so glad I persisted! These little guys full of personality are worth the effort 🙂